“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating new things.”

_  Antoine de Saint-Exupery.


Welcome to Zest ‘N’ Life.

I am Malathi Muthukrishnan, author of this blog. A mom of two adolescent kids and approaching each and every part of life with zest.

I was a single child, brought up in a big family set up where I got to learn about all the pros and cons of life from my Achi (Grandma), Amma, Periammas, Chinnammas (aunts) and Cousin sisters. Each one of them was excellent in their own way and they were my greatest inspiration during my childhood. During those days, because of no computer, no internet, all our time was spent with house chores, reading, drawing, sewing, rangoli, playing etc. They instilled me  “Better be stronger than pretty and useless”.

I got married immediately after finishing my post graduation. Since my mom was working, being at home and taking care of the family was my ambition from the childhood. Since I am eclectic in nature and love to do many kinds of things, the next 15 years were spent beautifully in bringing up my two kids and exploring the journey of life.

“Life is a beautiful journey for those who are willing to learn something new at every stage of life”_  I learnt computer after gave birth my second child. This was followed by the entry of a new computer to home, which opened up a fascinating world of internet for me. Started surfing about everything I am interested in.  Right from that ‘Google’ has become my best friend indeed. Surfing internet became one of my hobbies which keeps the zest in me alive during my hectic lifestyle.

When I became little bit free from my ‘full-time’ mom’s role since my kids entered the teenage stage, I did  BEd in a regular college and was working as a teacher in a reputed CBSE school for next few years. Those years were another pleasant anecdote in my life, which brought back the joy of friendship, unveiled me the charm of kid’s world and triggered my life expedition.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters. Suddenly I had to stay at home again because of some health issues, which has been continued due to few other life responsibilities.  The secret of happiness is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day. So I started going along with the life flow. But one thing that I never stopped was hibernating the things I wanted to do in the depth of my heart along with a hope to fulfil them some day.

I strongly believe that we don’t need to rush. If something is bound to happen, it will happen at the right time and for the best reason Now it is the time for this “Zest ‘N’ Life” to be happening. As they say ‘Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase’, this is my first step towards my interests and passions which I put forth with a faith to climb the staircase.

Why the title – Zest ‘N’ Life?  Life becomes mundane too easily. In times of unrest and in an unstable economy, it is very easy to let your attitude slip and begin feeling sorry for yourself. This is precisely when you want to practice healthy attitudinal rules to stay alert, alive and enthusiastic. Don’t ever lose the zest for life and life won’t lose its zest for you. The life without zest is equivalent to death. Only with zest, you can explore the beauty of living. If you have the zest and enthusiasm, you attract zest and enthusiasm.Life does give back in kind.

Zest ‘N’ Life” is nothing new or fancy in blogging world, it is just all about food and my lifestyle.  I like to share simple recipes to make your time and health more valuable.  I want to share some of my rangoli works which were appreciated by my friends on FB and motivated to be published as a page. And also I have planned to execute and share few of my other interests.  Again HOPE for the fulfilment…

I perceive this blogging as a wonderful platform for me to learn and explore more and more. Hope the same for you too. Even I would say “what is there in life, not to love”. Simply_ Life is beautiful.

The bold, cheerful energy of a lemon is a refreshing reminder to make a positive energy in your life and in the lives of others. That is my  ‘Zest ‘N’ Life’.

Thanks for taking out time to read about me.  I would love to hear from you. Your comments, emails and feedback will make the experience more enjoyable. And do keep coming often.

Thank you for your love and support.

With Love,

Malathi Muthukrishnan.